American International Medical University (AIMU)

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General Information

  • Location: St. Lucia
  • Name: American International Medical University (AIMU)
  • Tuition Fees: Rs. 60 Lacs.
  • Duration: 5.4 Years.
  • Application Deadline: 15th August and 15th December.
  • Departure: 14th September and 8th January
  • MCI Status: Approved (List of MCI Approved Universities)
  • Basic Science Tuition: $6,250/semester
  • Clinical Science Tuition: $9,500.00-$10,500/trimester
  • USA Clinical Rotations: Yes
  • Time required for MD: 4 Years
  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Email : [email protected]

College Brief :

American International Medical University one of the Premier Hopkins group of educational institutions, develop the next generation leaders in the area of Medicine, Public health and Biomedical Science.

American International Medical University (AIMU) College of Medicine and Nursing is an innovative school dedicated to providing a learner-centric education of the highest quality, granting opportunities to underrepresented minorities, fostering a diverse academic community, and ensuring that its graduates develop the skills and attitudes of life-long learning, compassion, and professionalism.

We also provide students who would otherwise be unable to receive a medical and nursing education with the tools to become successful physicians and nurses.

American International Medical University is an independent affiliate of AIM-U International Group, serving in the areas of health care training and teaching.

AIM-U has developed a dynamic working affiliation and partnership with renowned organizations such as Washington Adventist University (WAU), one of the oldest educational institutions in the Nation’s capital under the Seventh Day Adventist Group.

The above association aims at excellence in offering the supportive programs of AIM-U. AIM-U is committed to provide high quality medical education. AIM-U continues to contribute towards this endeavor with high caliber qualified medical and nursing graduates.

Why AIM-U?

There are many reasons to choose AIMU as your medical school. Primarily, AIM-U is a new generation medical university recognized as per the norms of ECFMG, USA and it supports programs that are offered at WAU campus, which is centrally located near Washington D.C. The School of Medicine is located in Saint Lucia which according to World Bank report, is the ninth largest contributor of Internationl. Medical Graduates (IMG’s) to US practice. The other reasons are:

  • We offer a fast track program that enables you to work as a physician in a hospital in less than 4 years.
  • We offer a quality education at reasonable prices.
  • You will be able to study on the island paradise of Saint Lucia – the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean.
  • Saint Lucia is one of the leading countries that supplies internationally trained medical graduates to the United States.
  • AIM-U has a joint degree program with Washington Adventist University allowing for better employment opportunities.
  • AIM-U students have the option of taking their 5th semester classes in the United States at Washington Adventist University.
  • AIM-U premed student can take their premed classes at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.
  • AIMU WAU premed students have a guaranteed spot in the AIM-U medical school upon completion of the pre-med program.
  • AIM-U considers all seriously motivated students for admission.
  • AIM-U graduates can practice in the United States, Canada, India and the Caricomm countries.
  • OECS regional schools contribute more than 70% of the International Medical Graduates (IMG’S) to USA. Refer World Bank Report 2006).
  • AIM-U is offering unique Dual / Joint degree programs in partnership with WAU.
  • The University is managed by well experienced and distinguished professionals in the field of medical education.
  • AIM-U considers bright and highly motivated students regardless of their economic, social status by providing fellowships & scholarships.
  • Curriculum is prepared and monitored by experts of ECFMG, GMC, Medical Council of India and Medical School Accreditation, Approval and Monitoring Committee.
  • Institutional guaranteed student loans available through Harvest Bank of Maryland .
  • AIM-U school of Medicine is located in a highly secure, very friendly and serene environment in Saint Lucia.
  • AIM-U enter into the Inter-Institutional partnership with leading organizations such as UNESCO – WPC South Asia for inter institutional projects.
  • Successful medical graduates are eligible for licensing process in USA, Canada and other countries.


  • AIMU is recognized and listed with the World Health Organization- WHO.
  • Listed in World Directory of Medical Schools WDOMS – The World Directory provides a comprehensive compilation of the information previously contained in the IMED and Avicenna( WHO) directories.
  • Approved and listed with FAIMER’S IMED
  • Recognized and approved by the Ministry of Heath – Government of St. Lucia
  • Recognized and listed with ECFMG USA for US Licensure.
  • Recognized by the Medical Council of India (for Screening test)
  • Recognized by the Medical Council of Canada
  • We have affiliations with ACGME Teaching Hospitals in the USA
  • We are accredited by the Ministry of Education – Government of St. Lucia
  • Recognized by the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) this is responsible for the USMLE.

Clinical Rotations

The clinical rotations are performed at hospitals in the United States and/or Saint Lucia. The clinical rotations program is conducted at ACGME affiliated clinical hospitals through the clinical administration office which is located in Maryland, near Washington D.C. (These clinical facilities are state of art teaching hospitals under green book category).

These facilities provide the student with superior clinical exposure that will ensure better career options. To undergo the Clinical Clerkship Program in USA, a student should pass the USMLE Step I. Since USMLE Step I is the final board Examination for Basic Medical Science / Basic Medical Science Program, without USMLE step I no IMG’s allowed for Clinical Rotation in USA.

Clinical Affiliations

AIMU CUC Centre for Medical Science, Maryland-USA

The Clinical Co-ordination Facility at the AIMU CUC is responsible for Introduction to Clinical Medicine Program and clinical placement in the affiliated hospitals. The attachment and allotment of the clinical students to various ACGME affiliated hospitals is monitored and allotted by the Clinical Team in USA, The state of art modern tutoring facilities at AIMU CUC campus will prepare the students for the USMLE II during the clinical program. The preceptors / guides of the various specialties have good experience and exposure and are always responsible for the best possible result. The clinical facilities are affiliated and accredited to ACGME.

AIMU University has extensive relationships with ACGME-approved teaching hospitals throughout the United States.

AIM-U Clinical Rotation is being administered from the office of the the Dean, Clinical Administration, Takoma Park, Maryland. This office is responsible for the Clinical Program of the AIM-U and coordination with other Clinical affiliates located in Atlanta through Benham Medical Institute and in Chicago through AICG. Besides this the students have the opportunity to continue their Clinical Rotations in different parts of USA depending upon their choice.

The following is a partial list of approved teaching hospitals attached with ACGME in the United States where AIMU University students can do rotations:

  • Washington DC
  • United Medical Center
  • Bon Secours Hospital
  • Specialty Hospital of Washington
  • Providence Hospital
  • Washington Hospital Center
  • Howard General Hospital (John Hopkins)
  • Harbor Hospital
  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center
  • St. Agnes
  • Southern Maryland Community Hospital
  • Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
  • George Washington Hospital
  • Washington Specialty Hospital / Providence Hospital
  • Newyork
  • South Hampton
  • Atlanta
  • Genesis Healthcare Associates
  • Well star Cobb Hospital
  • Emory Adventist Hospital
  • Family care of Smyrna
  • PACT Atlanta LLC
  • DeKalb Medical Center
  • Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital
  • Atlanta Womens Specialty Group
  • LH Internal Medicine
  • Emory University Hospital
  • Childrens Hospital of Atlanta
  • Florida
  • Larkin Hospital Miami
  • Florida Regional Medical Center
  • Chicago
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • St. Marys Hospital of Nazareth
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Little Company of Mary Hospital
  • Illinois Masonic Hospital
  • Norwegian American Hospital
  • Weiss Hospital
  • St. Anthony Hospital University
  • Illinois Hospital
  • Loretto Hospital
  • Jackson Park Hospital
  • Cook County Hospital
  • Christ Hospital
  • RML Specialty Hospital
  • Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital
  • St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center

COST OF STUDY – MBBS Program in USA till Pg Fees Structure

logo imageThe overall cost to study MBBS Program in USA is mentioned in the table given below in USD:

The Scholarship is based on your mdepleted wite should try their best toplicant to ensure Scholarship approval.

Payment Schedule to study MBBS in USA

  • The tuition fees will now be required to be paid on annual basis for the first 3 years program.
  • During Clinical Rotation, you would be allowed to pay the fees in 5 installments.
  • The expenses for returning rassport helping you get B1 Visa during Clinical Rotation .

Medical Program in USA after completion of MBBS in India

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