Spartan Health Sciences University

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Spartan Health Sciences University

Spartan Health Sciences University

General Information

  • Location: St. Lucia
  • Name: Spartan Health & Science University
  • Tuition Fees: Rs. 60 Lacs.
  • Duration: 5.4 Years.
  • Application Deadline: 15th August and 15th December.
  • Departure: 14th September and 8th January
  • MCI Status: Approved (List of MCI Approved Universities)
  • Basic Science Tuition: $6,250/semester
  • Clinical Science Tuition: $9,500.00-$10,500/trimester
  • USA Clinical Rotations: Yes
  • Time required for MD: 4 Years
  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Email : [email protected]

College Brief :

Spartan Health and Science University is one of the oldest available university teaching MBBS to prepare you for USA at Caribbean Islands. Established since last 36 years at St. Lucia Islands, it has the highest accreditation including CAAM-HP (which very few universities have). The success ratio for the much sought after residency in USA from Spartan Health and Science University is more than 85% for USMLE 1 exam.

Spartan Health and Science University supports a high-quality education for USMLE – 1 preparation. It offers a smooth transition for US based hospitals for Clinical Rotation. Lastly, Residency to do MBBS in USA right up to PG level to become MD / MS is done with high match score.

Charter & Accreditation

Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine is an independent medical institution established on January 7, 1980.

The Government of St Lucia has chartered and licensed the University. It is also accredited by the Monitoring Committee appointed by the Government of St. Lucia to oversee Spartan’s standards are comparable to those set by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education as required by the Department of Education in the United States.

The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Spartan is also in the International Medical Education DIrectory (IMED), maintained by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) of Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of U.S.A.


All throughout Caribbean islands, there are more than 16 different universities. The list includes American University of Antigua (AUA) managed by the most famous Indian medical University Manipal University. All these universities prepare you to be a Medical professional to USA. However, you have to be very careful in the selection of the universities. USMLE is extremely strict on the rules on credit hours earned at various stages of the program. Spartan Health and Science University gives full 142 credit hours during the pre medical course ensuring smooth intake during residency as per USMLE compliance.

The current match ratio for resident-ship at Spartan is 82% (You need to score 230+ at USMLE Step 1 exam to ensure your PG seat in USA). The success ratio of passing USMLE exams from Spartan is more than 95% (To pass, you need only 192 Marks at USMLE Step 1 exam). It means, USMLE exams are cracked very successfully to get into the PG in Medical in USA.


Many smaller universities would put you in trouble over such important issues. There are few very low-quality universities in Granada (Only 2% success ratio for Residency) and Belize Islands (World’s highest crime recorded here, check Google before finalizing these dangerous locations!) which you must avoid going. Of course, there are far superior universities as well such as Ross Medical University / AUCMED at St Marteen or even AUA at Antigua Islands (Owned and managed by Manipal University of India). However, these top ranked US programs costs more than Rs. 1.50 crore only towards the tuition fees! The student to faculty ratio is maintained at 20:1 at Spartan health and Science university, St Lucia as per USMLE specification to ensure high teaching standards and superb reputation among the US hospitals to get maximum calls for residency!

Currently, more than 100 Indian happy and hard working students from different parts of India are placed by RUDRAM studying at Spartan Health and Science University with an aim to do MBBS in USA. RUDRAM can connect you with them or connect your parents with their parents for transparent understanding and your clarity on road map to your MBBS in USA program.

The curriculum of the University’s Doctor of Medicine degree program encompasses a comprehensive course of Basic Sciences, Pre-clinical, bridging curriculum and Clinical Sciences that is four (4) academic years. The trimester period commences in January, May, and September of each year. A student may elect to enter in any one of the three (3) trimesters.

To provide the best possible medical education to the students, the curriculum is under continuous review by the Deans of Basic and Clinical Sciences in conjunction with the faculty, consultants, and Board of Trustees.

The five trimesters of the Basic Science program is an integrated presentation of the following:

  • Basic medical sciences include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, and Pathology.
  • Pre- clinical didactics include General Introduction to Medicine and Physical Diagnosis. Didactic lectures in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Surgery.
  • A bridging curriculum is introduced for integration of Basic Sciences into Clinical Sciences.

The Clinical Science program consist of four (4) trimesters and is committed to broad exposure in the major clinical disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Psychiatry.

The Bridging Curriculum consists of series of problem solving exercises and clinical case studies, some in small groups settings, intertwined with the Basic Sciences and Introduction to clinical sciences. Students will apply acquired basic science knowledge to pre- clinical science topics using critical decision making techniques. They will also engage in a sequential process involving:

  • Acquisition and presentation of medical knowledge
  • Data Interpretation
  • Problem Analysis
  • Guided and self-directed learning activities
  • Application of New Knowledge

The challenges of increased demands in the clinical curriculum and the emphasis on the integration of basic and clinical data in modern medical education necessitate the addition of a fifth trimester to the existing on-island curriculum. The inclusion of a fifth trimester with an organ-system review and expansion of the basic-clinical sciences interrelationships will better prepare our students for their clinical experiences and U.S.M.L.E. examinations.

Organ system review of the basic sciences in the fifth trimester will prepare students to meet the challenges facing modern medical education.

All students are required to demonstrate competency in the basic medical sciences before being permitted to begin clinical rotations. Competency is assessed from the University administered and required Comprehensive Exit Examination at the end of Basic Sciences program and passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1.

No student will be eligible for graduation until all academic requirements and financial obligations to the University have been fulfilled.

Spartan HSU is managed by an Indian administration headed by DrAddagaddaChandrasekarRoa, a renowned Senior Surgeon practicing in New York, USA for over 40 years. DrRao has been the Chairperson of some of the Top Super Speciality Hospitals that offer the PG Residency Programs in the US. Spartan offers scholarships for deserving students from India, enabling them access to quality medical education at an affordable cost.

  • SHSU is one of the oldest Offshore Medical Schools in the Caribbean, established in January 1980 by Harvard trained Dr Manuel Hernandez
  • One of the Very few institutions in the Caribbean to be Accredited by CAAM –HP, a compulsory requirement for recognition for practice in Caribbean / India / USA (As per NCFMEA & ECFMG regulations
  • Approved and listed with WHO, MCI, WDOMS, ECFMG and FAIMER IMED – USA, MCC – Canada, GMC – UK, etc
  • Over 2200 graduates passed out and are practicing in USA, Canada, India and many other countries

Active Student bodies like

  • AMSA – American Medical Student Association
  • SGA – Student Government Association
  • CHARCOS – The Community Health & Research Center of Spartan, etc
  • High Success Rate in USMLE, MCCQE (Canada), MCI FMG Screening Test, etc
  • Spartan’s students have a high acceptance rate into residency programs at major US hospitals in multiple spots
  • Spartan Students gain clinical and hospital exposure right from the first trimester through medical camps and hospital visits in St Lucia
  • Small Class sizes, supporting One to One Student – Faculty interaction
  • Fully Accredited by The St Lucia Medical Schools Accreditation and Monitoring Committee set by the Government of St Lucia.
  • Well equipped On Campus – Sports and Gymnasium facilities to ensure Physical and Mental Health of the students
  • Fully equipped Library from Open from Dawn to Midnight everyday
  • Free Transport Facility for students available from Dawn to Midnight
  • President of the University, DrAddagada C Rao, MBBS, MD, FACS. is a graduate of Guntur Medical College, Andhra Pradesh and has been practicing as a Surgeon in USA for over 40 Years. He had served as the President and Chairperson of prestigious hospitals in the New York, US and has extensive experience training numerous Resident Doctors
  • Many Indian Students already enrolled and are in different stages of the program / graduated
  • Exclusive Hostels for Indian students – Separate for Boys and Girls, located in proximity to Senior Staff residences
  • South Indian and North Indian food served for Indian students by professionally qualified Resident Chefs from India
  • Many cultural activities and Indian festivals are celebrated periodically

COST OF STUDY – MBBS in USA Fees Structure

The overall cost to study MBBS in USA is mentioned in the table given below in USD:

IN USDFirst 16 MonthsYear-2Year-3Year-4Year-5TOTAL (USD)
Tuition Fee17,00018,75012,50021,00021,00090,250
Living Cost incl. Food2,4002,4002,4002,4002,40012,000
Max Scholarship6,8007,5005,0000019,300
tuition Fees After Scholarship10,20011,2507,50021,00021,00070,950

The Scholarship is based on your merit of 12th Marks in PCB and generally, it gets depleted with the initial 15 applications. However, one should try their best to be an early applicant to ensure Scholarship approval.

Payment Schedule to study MBBS in USA

  • The tuition fees will now be required to be paid on annual basis for the first 3 years program.
  • During Clinical Rotation, you would be allowed to pay the fees in 5 installments.
  • The expenses for returning to India during vacation period would be at your cost separately. Generally, the route taken on your vacation return path is with Transit Visa through Paris / London so as to get more stamps on your passport helping you get B1 Visa during Clinical Rotation .

Medical Program in USA after completion of MBBS in India

Till March, 2024 the Indian students completing MBBS in India used to give USMLE-1 exam which is an On-Line exam. However, the success ratio was low due to USMLE designed program is completely different than Indian MBBS. The alternative route was provided by us to the Indian doctors.

However, from April, 2024, the Government of India came out with its latest regulation to not to issue NORI (No Obligation to return to India) required for Indian MBBS students. Accordingly, it is advisable for the students to pursue the program right from Bachelor level in USA to ensure that you make your medical career in USA!