The Premedical Program is designed to provide students with the strong foundation needed to handle the rigorous course of study they will experience in the MD Program. Premed consists of 3 to 4 semesters (16 weeks each) depending upon colleges and has been designed for high school graduates or college students with less than 90 credit hours, who seek admission to a medical school and don’t meet the MD Program requirements. Pre Medical course is an important part of the complete course in order to understand the next level of Basic Medical Science.

This Three- Four semester program can be entered at each year depending upon academic qualifications. It offers undergraduate sciences and laboratories, as well as post-high school level of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English and Calculus. Those courses contribute to the overall goals of a pre-professional education and much of the final semester of the premedical program is taught by the medical school faculty members.

The students must choose 5 Years MD program including 16 months of Pre Medical course. It is being warned that Pre Medical course is mandatory for the Indian students. Few universities on Caribbean Islands would offer you entry directly to MD program (Basic Science level). This would not allow you to get the residency in USA since you have violated the ECFMG specifications.

Premedical Program Curriculum

The Premedical Sciences curriculum is designed as a firm foundation for the advanced studies offered later in the Medical Sciences Program. The Director of Admissions places the Applicants into the appropriate Premedical Science semester according to the Applicant’s academic background. Premedical Program semester one and two cover the courses in biology, chemistry, physics and also include general education.

The premedical semester three and four consists of upper-level biomedical and behavioral science courses designed to strengthen the student’s Premedical Science foundation and enhance the opportunity for success in advanced medical studies.