Welingkar Mumbai Direct Admission » Management Quota | NRI Seats

Welingkar Mumbai Direct Admission » Management Quota | NRI Seats

Now Get 100% Sure Direct Admission In Welingkar Institute Mumbai In PGDM or MMS by Management Quota or NRI Seats

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Introduction of Welingkar Mumbai 

Welingkar Institute of Management was established in 1977 with a vision to create such a future manager who can bring revolution not in the company in which they will be working but also a great revolution in the country like India which is still a developing nation. For this initiative they started training graduate and working professionals of cooperate together. In a year they have tie-ups with more than 15 companies for which they are conducting training programme. Through this process they Welingkar get to understand the future demand of ever changing cooperate world. The Wi-Fi environment, latest technology software, futuristic and smart learning tools etc makes a candidate updated in all perspective. After becoming very popular in Mumbai the college launched its one more campus in Bangalore in 2008 with same values.

Ranking Of Prin L.N. Welingkar Mumbai:

Welingkar Mumbai holds 3rd ranking in all over Mumbai. Overall ranking of Welingkar Mumbai is 30 in India.

Eligibility Criteria L.N. Welingkar Mumbai :

Selection process of Prin L.N. Welingkar is on the modal of ‘for the industry and by the industry’. It means in the selection panel they have habit of hiring Directors and Vice Presidents from cooperate. In Welingkar selection is not all about score in CAT, GD and PI.
Section wise Marks Allocation

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

welingkar mumbaiAt Welingkar, we are deeply inspired by these words of this great American writer and futurist. Undoubtedly, being convinced of the need for a radical change in management education, we decided to tread the path that leads to corporate revolution.

Emerging unarticulated needs and realities need a new approach both in terms of thought as well as action. Cross disciplinary learning, discovering, scrutinizing, prototyping, learning to create and destroy-the mind’s eye needs to be nurtured and differently so.

We school has chosen the ‘design thinking’ approach towards management education. All our efforts and manifestations as a result stem from the integration of design thinking into management education.


Programmes :

 Postgraduate Programs
PGDM (with specializations in Marketing,Finance, HR, Operations)
PGDM Business Design
PGDM Health Care Management
PGDM Rural Management (Emerging Economies)
PGDM Retail Management
 Other Programs
Post Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship
Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management
PhD Programme in Management Studies of University of Mumbai
Business Management for Legal Professionals
Post Graduate Program in Media & Entertainment Management
 Part Time Courses
3 Years Part-Time Masters Degree Program (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)
 Distance Learning Programs
1 year diploma course
6 month diploma course
Advanced certificate courses

Mumbai Campus :

The Wi-Fi Welingkar campus is built on lines of some of the best B-schools in the world with a broad range of dedicated facilities. The educational experience is augmented by a sophisticated and continuously evolving IT system that seamlessly integrates technology throughout the campus. The facilities have been designed keeping in mind the flexibility needed to produce a continuous stream of innovations in education and research designed to meet-and anticipate-the evolving needs of business/ industry.

Bangaluru Campus :

The Bengaluru Campus is a demonstration of our intent. To nuture leaders for tomorrow, to collaborate and to innovate. Welingkar has set-up a state-of-the-art campus in the heart of the city. This sprawling campus with the latest amenities and skilled faculty will embody the values that Welingkar stands for.

Students Life :

Student Life

A typical day at the Welingkar Campus begins early. Lectures generally commence at 9 am and end at 9 pm. Students are usually on their toes with assignments and projects that take a better part of their time.

The lectures generally last for about three hours. The discomfort if any, is never physical as air -conditioned classrooms bring welcome relief from the round-the-year stuffy Mumbai weather.

In between lectures, students can usually be found at the study room & the cafeteria, unless they are browsing books in the library or surfing the internet at the Computer Lab.

The Director’s chamber is probably the most active area in the Institute. At any given time one can find students, faculty and administration staff seeking his audience. The fact that he is always accessible helps. Students usually meet him and share ideas, discuss issues or simply keep him updated about the day to day happenings at the Institute.

Another interesting activity that students are encouraged to participate in is Autonomous Maintenance. Here students take responsibility for the Institute’s hygiene by lending a helping hand- whether it’s fixing up a broken object or maintaining cleanliness. It’s a hands-on activity and while, it may be perceived by a passive onlooker as a non-managerial activity, Welingkarites look at it as a way of learning because it teaches them to be observant, sharp and disciplined and also to give attention to detail.

Overall the environment at Welingkar is very homely. Friends are made for life and students who have graduated from the institute carry happy memories they would want to cherish forever.


The Master in Management Studies (MMS) program is a 2 year full-time post-graduate program, conducted at Welingkar. On successful completion, the student gets an MMS degree of the University of Mumbai.

The admissions are through a highly competitive Common Entrance Test (CET) which is taken by more than 30,000 students all over the country. A rigorous GD and PI follow the test. Welingkar, rated among the top institutes in Mumbai, gets its students from the top 150 successful candidates at the CET.

The 1st year of the course provides the required foundation by exposing students to the subjects encompassing different areas of business. In the 2nd year, the students specialize in one of the disciplines that include Marketing, Finance, Systems, Operations and Personnel.

The pedagogical feature of the course is the extensive use of case studies and projects based on real-life situations. The case studies and projects are selected so that they develop the students’ ability to think about business as a whole. The result is an intensive, highly interactive learning experience for the students.


The specializations offered are Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Retail and Systems. Students discover their true potential after practicing rigor and focused hard work having selected the specialization of their choice.

Welingkar’s commitment to producing thought leaders and masters of innovation reveals itself in the variety of contemporary and comprehensive business management courses it offers. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, we need to usher in the new and keep developing the old. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, the flagship program has the flexibility to incorporate these new trends while still providing the fundamentals of management education. The program nurtures world-class managers with analytical tools, business philosophies and exposure to real-life unstructured situations.

Total no of Seats : 180 (At Mumbai campus)
Total no of Seats : 60 (At Bengaluru Campus)

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