Admission in Engineering Colleges

Direct Admission in Engineering Colleges

Admission in Engineering Colleges, Bangalore

Why is Engineering a hot choice among students?

A Bachelor’s degree is alone not enough to land you up in a comfortable career option. In fact, a professional tag post your Bachelor’s degree adds weight to you persona and gives you a chance to move up professionally.

Why choose Engineering?

As our society develops and evolves, the need for engineers is ongoing. The current infrastructure, products, technology are rapidly changing and hence the need for new engineers is going to be felt. Why choose engineering? The reasons are many, but vital ones are cited below –

  • Engineering is the ultimate field for those who are creative and challenging
  • You can learn skills that you can apply anywhere
  • Post qualification, it opens avenues of career and opportunities

Choosing an institute /university for engineering college admission –

Choosing the right business school / institute or University can be a hard-hitting task. When you choose to take admission in engineering college, make certain that it offers you opportunities for pursuing your interests, together with your academics.

Engineering admission procedure –

The engineering admission process more or less is the same in all institutions of technical study, however certain criteria may vary. The minimum requirements for direct admission in engineering college are –

  • For B.Tech – 10+2 from a recognized Board or University.
  • Physics Chemistry & Maths – minimum marks should be 45%
  • The scores in the CET-Karnataka
  • Also a parallel entrance test – COMED-K is conducted by some colleges in Bangalore

How to choose the best college?

Students seeking Direct Admission in Engineering college, it is vital that while you make a choice of college or institute, you should consider the history of the college. The parameters that you would consider are –

  • Brand / name of the college
  • Stream of engineering or programs offered
  • Location
  • Faculty
  • Placements

Besides the above, proper background research of the college is essential.

There are advantages of going with a branded college. The name stays with you even as you take your initial step into the professional world. As per your goals and interest, choose a college that offers you streams where you can them your creativity ahead.

ven if you are seeking MBA College Admission, take time off and visit the college on the Internet, consult seniors and if you are still confused, contact us! We would be glad to give you the best advice!

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