Admission in MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Direct Admission in MBA Colleges

Admission in MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Why to choose MBA for pursuance of academics?

Once you are through with a Bachelor’s degree, you need a professional or Master’s qualification to sum up your education career. And what better way than to do an MBA [Master of Business Administration]!  MBA is always a very good career option as it can never go out of demand. It is a professional course and is resourceful when compared to any other graduate degree.

Choosing a business school /university

Choosing the right business school / institute or University can be a tough task. When you choose to take admission in MBA college, ensure that it offers you opportunities for pursuing your interests, alongside your academics. The learning style and the curriculum should match with your career interests.

MBA admission procedure –

The MBA admission process more or less is the same in all institutions of business study, however certain criteria may vary. Before you seek Direct admission in MBA colleges, take time and prepare yourself in advance for the entrance tests and exams that are a prelude to any MBA college admission procedure.

The minimum requirements for Direct admission in MBA colleges are –

  • Undergraduate degree or higher with a minimum of 3 years at a University and any major with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent GPA.
  • A valid Graduate Management Aptitude Test [GMAT] scores including AWA score.
  • The CAT / GMAT score is a very essential parameter while judging the student for Direct Admission MBA colleges.
  • International candidates are admitted through direct admission in MBA colleges under the NRI quota.
  • Besides the entrance tests, some universities also conduct Oral Extempore Presentation, Essay Writing or Personal /Group Interview.

Tips for mastering the MBA entrance exam –

  • If you plan to pursue MBA, it is time that you prepare for the entrance exam. At the onset, it is preferable that you get into a Bachelor’s course which has at least one subject of business.
  • One can certainly not predict the type and nature of questions asked in the MBA entrance test, but you can definitely guess the marking system.
  • Learning will not help. Rather a lot of practice would certainly help you emerge a winner.
  • Identification of the question is the key. Once it is identified, solving is very simple!
  • Pay better attention to language, logical reasoning and other basic abilities which test you on aptitude rather than subject matter.
  • It is very important to prepare for mock tests. They give you a lot of practice with reference to the type of questions and timing.
  • Prepare strategically. Do not prepare for the test aimlessly. Give every section equal weightage.

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